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In 2020, Dr Eric Tiong, Dr Harry Cheng and Dr Imen Ku together with other partners invested over HKD 80 million in Harvest Veterinary Oncology Centre (HVOC) to offer the best oncology care to pets with cancer and support their owners through the latest equipment and holistic care. HVOC is also an integrated animal hospital designed to meet the diverse demands of animal healthcare by offering a full spectrum of clinical services to our patients.

In HVOC, we have a group of dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic professionals consisting of veterinary oncologists, veterinary surgeons, medical physicists, radiation therapists, nurses and administrative staff across different specialties. We are committed to providing comprehensive services with state-of-the-art technologies and personalised care for our patients. We also provide a spacious, modern and comfortable environment to ensure a relaxed visit for them.


HVOC is an oncology hospital providing comprehensive cancer treatments including surgery, radiation therapy and medical therapy for pets. Instead of running through different veterinary specialists, patients receive holistic treatment in our centre with an all-inclusive setting. As HVOC is located near an MTR station, pets can immediately return home after receiving treatment at your convenience.

HVOC is equipped with a Linear Accelerator (Linac) for radiotherapy, a Positron Emission Tomography – Computed Tomography (PET-CT) scanner and a 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner for medical imaging.

Our cutting-edge medical imaging and therapeutic equipment combined with specialist expertise provide patients with different diagnostic and treatment options. All scans, imaging investigations and radiotherapy treatments performed are tailored to each individual pet. We integrate the advantages of PET-CT and MRI to give the most accurate diagnosis for your pet.

The cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment in HVOC provides patients with different treatment options.

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Linear Accelerator

Linear Accelerator (Linac) is a machine that produces high energy X-rays for radiation therapy. Our centre is equipped with a Varian™ state-of-the-art Linac Halcyon™.

The design of Halcyon™ is based on the comfort and safety of the patient. With a new generation of radiation beam intensity modulation technology, an optimized imaging system, and a simple workflow, it provides patients with high-efficiency and high-quality radiotherapy services.

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Positron emission tomography–computed tomography (PET-CT)

PET-CT scan is the best method for screening early-stage tumours in any part of the body. Our GE Discovery IQ PET-CT Scanner, combining two pieces of equipment (PET and CT) and having the functions of both, significantly improves the accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of tumour diagnosis.
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Our GE Signa Explorer MRI Scanner is ideal for detecting and identifying cancers. MRI with contrast agents is the best way to examine tumours in the brain, in soft tissues and in the spinal cord. Our experts use MRI to assess and determine the stage of cancer, ascertain tumour behaviour, and design and monitor a treatment plan including radiotherapy. In addition, MRI provides a non-invasive means to detect benign diseases in animals including paralyzed dogs with disc herniation, brain tumours, strokes, and cranial cruciate ligament ruptures.
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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that involves the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and therapy. Our center offers radioactive iodine therapy, which is generally accepted by the industry as the standard treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism. Treatment with radioactive iodine (I-131) has many advantages over other methods of treatment because of its high curative effect, high success rate (>95%), non-invasiveness, low complication rate and longer survival time. Furthermore, it is simple and relatively stress-free for most cats.

Our Mission "H. O. P. E"



We believe life is equal to all living animals. We strive to provide the best animal health care services for our patients …
“A Ray of HOPE”

High technology

We uphold innovation and advanced technology to deliver optimal treatment with state-of-the-art patient care, designed individually for each pet.

Owner first

We respect and listen to you to ensure the needs of your pets are met and word proactively to take care of their well-being.

Professional Service

We meet the needs of patients, their owners and referring Veterinary Surgeons by delivering multidisciplinary specialist care.

Embrace your pets

We take care of your pet and you with the love and care we treat our family members with.
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